Thursday, January 3, 2013

Violence, Mobs, and Punishment: Then and Now

Crowds are not People, My Friend

A look at mob mentality:

Link to the article: Crowds are not People, My Friend

Islamists' Harsh Justice in Northern Mali Today

A look at how punishment according to theocratic rule works in the world today:

Islamists' Harsh Justice in Northern Mali

Attackers Charged with Murder in India

A look at violence against women today, mobs galvanizing to protest injustice, and the implementation of the death penalty:

Rape Incites Women to Protest

Attackers in India Rape Case Charged with Murder

Read at least two of the articles. Using the articles and either The Scarlet Letter or The Crucible, analyze how different societies or people have or have not changed in:
1) their being swept away by peer pressure or mob mentality or being galvanized to protest injustice OR
2) the implementation of punishment, either the death penalty or other harsh punishments

Please write a nuanced, complex response that takes into account who is in charge in the different societies, what the group or mob is organizing to do, and/or the way punishment is administered in the society (either in an open, legal forum that respects the rule of law or one which does not). Draw a conclusion from your analysis. That is, what have you learned by considering past and present mob mentality; group violence or demonstration; and/or crime and punishment in society? Post your response on the wiki discussion board.

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