Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Sophomore Renaissance Project Continues

The sophomores keep marveling at how much people of the Renaissance accomplished -- though one student did comment that we're only focusing on the super-achievers of the age. Still, the class seemed down about our own time, thinking we're not as inventive and accomplished as our predecessors. On our Facebook group, then, I posted the following article, Obama Seeking to Boost Study of Human Brain, and then followed up with this assignment:

Who says the Renaissance is over and there's nothing more to explore? Obama is funding research into mapping the human brain. 

Now it's your turn: Find me an article about a new place to explore, a new Renaissance-like invention being worked on, or any other task someone is undertaking that sounds Renaissance-like. Post your article and give a brief summary of it. Don't speak in text. Sound like a person!

So now I've added more non-fiction reading to our month-long exploration of the Renaissance, Shakespeare's sonnets and The Merchant of Venice, and students are not only creating PowerPoints and ShowMe's and posting on wikis, but are commenting on Facebook as well!

See The Sophomore Renaissance Project for more on our multi-media exploration of the time period.

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