Sunday, September 2, 2012

Purity in the Israelite Camp

These slideshows pertaining to Numbers are two ways to show that purity and holiness are at the center of the Israelite camp. The first slideshow depicts the Sinai desert and the possible routes scholars have suggested for the Israelite trek through the wilderness. It then compares encampments in the ancient world with the one set up by Israel, showing that at the center of Israel's life is the tabernacle, a symbol of and place for God, and that His holiness is the focus of Israelite life. The second slideshow discusses the placement of the Ordeal of the Adulteress in Numbers and then compares how ancient law codes deal with adultery as opposed to how the Torah views it. The major difference revealed is that adultery in the ancient world is viewed as a social sin, while the Torah views it as a tear in the moral/religious fabric of life as well and that is why it puts a priest, not a magistrate, in charge of dealing with an adulteress.

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