Thursday, September 20, 2012

Writing Assessment Assignment

11H Writing Assessment Assignment:

1) Read the student essay I photocopied for you. As you read, take notes about how the paper makes a clear thesis, documents the thesis and uses the passages as appropriate proof from the texts.

2) Reread your essay. The question required you to create a thesis and then back it up, using appropriate evidence from the passages and the books as a whole. How well do you think your essay did this? What is the greatest area of weakness in your essay, in your opinion? Explain, in one paragraph.

3) List three grammar and/or punctuation errors you made in your essay.

4) Most of you did not use in-text citations correctly. Here is a link to a website that shows you how to cite using MLA standards:

OWL Online Writing Lab: In-Text Citations

Correct one of your in-text citations, so you have cited a quote properly.

5) Revise one paragraph from your essay.

6) What is the most useful thing about writing you’ve learned so far?

Post your responses to questions 3-6 in this document. Hand in the responses to questions 1-2 in analog form (that is, hard copies given to me. Very old school, I know).

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